Bright Colors Are Your Friend

Hot Colors We Should Start Wearing

  • Fuchsia 
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Teal


Full outfit: Rue21
Full outfit: Rue21 & Glasses: Zeelol
Calvin Klein Crew Neck: Pacsun & Glasses: Zeelol

Embrace The Colors

The question that I believe we struggle with when it comes to fashion is: what is okay to wear? The truth is….WHATEVER YOU WANT!  As men we put ourselves in these boxes of what it means to be masculine, manly, etc. When the truth is as long as confidence is there, it does not matter what you wear. I truly mean it when I say that bright colors are your friend if you allow them to.  We see this a lot about a person by the chosen colors we wear.  I am here to say that bright colors, neon colors, warm colors, all those colors seen as feminin are fair game. If there is one thing I’ve learned is that on my skin tone bright colors seriously look amazing. When it comes to fashion you have to be open to the idea that you can be make these kind of decisions. Some of my best photos I’ve taken over the years were purely because I decided to wear a pink, yellow, and gold instead of cool and darker colors. Also, the confidence it invokes in you when you are true to yourself and know that you are rocking whatever color it is does show! It is 2020 and it is time that we see that color brings out so much of our style. The thing is, if you open yourself to even the smallest amount, it can revolutionize your entire outfit. The difference between wearing that salmon colored button down vs the. white one under your suite will change your entire presence. That small change just relaxed your first impression. Adding color makes your more welcoming to people, when they see you wearing those colors it make you more approachable. Give it a try, grab that yellow shirt the next time you are out and see how it makes you feel when you’re walking down the street or taking that selfie of the day! Let me know in the comments have you stepped out our comfort zone and allowed yourself to wear some loud colors and patters?

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