How A Bag Can Fix Your Outfit

How A Bag Can Fix Your Outfit

Wondering how we can take an outfit to the next level? Well I know that it may feel like we are limited to only a couple things we can wear outside of the usually shoes, socks, hat etc, but the truth is we have a couple things that we forget to use to our advantage and thats a backpack or fanny pack. Something I learned is that we may not have the purse but we do have BackPacks! I love the idea of wearing a backpack to add on to my outfit. This could add a little spice to you  as an accessory by allowing you  to maybe pull a single color out form your outfit, this is where you want to maybe get that little piece of green that’s in your shirt, your shoes and maybe your hat. Something else to think about if you are looking for something smaller than a backpack is a fanny pack. Yes that’s right gentleman the fanny pack is back and no you don’t need to be headed to COACHELLA for it to make sense with your outfit. Fanny packs made a comeback and for guys they’ve even doubled in size. Brands such as VAN, SEPREME, Adidas, and Champion have all started making fanny packs meant to be worn with almost any outfit. If you are going to accessorize them know that there are 2 typical ways to wear it (neither of them around your waist) 1. Across your back like a single strap backpack, or 2. Across your chest for easy access. Go out and get yours, the best places I have found to have either awesome designs or the best brands are Pacsun, Zumiez, and Rue21.  Become that backpack you, and try the fanny pack out! Tell me what you think, did they help your outfit.

Champion Shirt & Fanny pack: Zumiez Glasses: Raybans
Denim Jacket & Pants: Rue21 Fanny Pack: VANS Glasses: Ray Bans
Herschel Supply Duffel Bag & Backpack: Zumiez Glasses: Ray Bans


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