DIY Closet Remodel

I know we are all looking for meaning during this pandemic. You’re not sure what to do with free time when you’re being obligated to stay within the confinement of your own home. However, you can use this time to fulfill some of those goals life wasn’t offering enough time in a day for.  DIY (Do It Yourself) projects are the answer to all the above.  My biggest project so far was remodeling a bedroom I turned into a closet. Why did I think this was a great idea? Well, because I believed it was forcing me to sort through my clothes to donate to the local Goodwills. I did not realize how much time, effort, skills, and money something like this was going to take even if everything was coming from my local Walmart. Let’s talk about my DIY project and try to nspire some creative homebound people:

  • Walmart adventure:
    • I searched through the Walmart app attempting to make a responsible ONE trip to get everything I needed
    • I chose  the style I wanted. I went with the Better Homes & Gardens Farmhouse Grey Garment Rack
    • This was perfect except….. All three Walmarts had 3 different price points $15.99 Clearance, $59.99,  and $69.00. Did I mention Walmart no longer price match each other?
    • After 3 trips and 2 conversation with walmart managers I lost the battle and had to accept defeat
    • I settle with
      • 3 Shoe racks 
      • 2 Garment double racks (clearanced at Walmart 1),
      • 1 Single Rack at full price (cost twice as much as the double racks combined at Walmart 2)
  • Clearing out the room:
    • No one ever thinks about what it’s going to take to actually get a room cleared out with YEARS of clothes piled up. If Im being honest this was almost deterrent from the entire project
    • I turned my dining room into the dump zone for literally everything
    • This is when you’ll start to realize you have more clothes and shoes than anyone couple possibly need  
  • The Build:
    • Walmart definitely makes sure you are ready to put the work in when you buy their DIY products
    • It’s during this time frustration really gets the best of you. You will start to wonder if it was worth….. but you have to push through!
    • No instant gratification! The process of actually opening every box and seeing what you have does not offer a good feeling in the beginning.
  • Organize:
    • Let’s be honest this is the best part! After hours of hammering, lifting, building you are able to set it up up
    • It take the time to size up the room with all your newly build items
    • Once that’s set, it was time to sort the clothes and decide what was no longer “Me”

After I finally had everything hung, folded, or packed away I was able to sit back and look at what all my hard work accomplished. Yes, it was a lot but for a few days I really was able to give my days meaning. It also caused me to want to check more things off my list that life hadn’t given me ano

Wanna see how this all played out? Go check out my youtube channel and you can see it all from beginning to end!


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K to the B
K to the B
3 years ago

Come do my closet next! ?

3 years ago

Hi nice website

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