My Top 3 Mother’s Day Gifts

Alright gentlemen, Mother’s Day is right around the corner (9 days to be exact), and with everything that is going on I think we need to go above and beyond for our mothers. I know that it can be hard sometimes trying to think outside the box of flowers and a card, but hopefully I can help you all with a couple ideas. With Mother’s Day being so close it will be hard to have things delivered to you or your mother in enough time unless you’re willing to pay extra $$ or you’re lucky enough to still be able to deliver or pick up. So here are my top 3 mother’s day gifts to make your moms feel appreciated.

1. Pandora: For moms who love Jewelry

Pandora is a well known jewelry company who offers beautiful mostly silver and some gold jewelry at a reasonable price. I believe the best thing you could get that actually would help you in the future is a Bangle (Bracelet) and charm. On Pandora’s website there are many bangles ranging from $55 too $200, and charms ranging from $35 to $150. The good thing about these is that they have so many charms making an easy way to customize the charms to represent you or your mom. Pandora would be a good choice also because you are gifting something you can continue adding to. What I mean is after you give your mom this bangle, you now can buy her more charms for her birthday, anniversary, christmas, etc. Pandora can usually be found inside of a Brewers Jewelry and they are all mostly doing curbside pick up which is amazing, however guaranteed shipment by Mother’s Day ended 4/30. 

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2. Starbucks: For the moms who love coffee

If you have a mom who is all about her coffee or in particular LOVES her Starbucks coffee, then the perfect gift would be a Starbucks Mother’s Day Care Package. This is seriously so easy to put together and you are able to buy most of these at essential stores, Starbucks itself, and online. Yes, because it’s Starbucks branded, you will be paying a little more for all the items, but it’s worth it for mom. You can grab a colorful basket (now $.50 at Walmart) and load it with Starbucks coffee beans, a mug, an ice coffee cup, and even a customized Mother’s Day gift card. Without the gift card you are looking at about $70 for everything else. This is not bad at all if you have a mom who finds herself drinking starbucks regularly. The fact that you are putting together this care package also makes it that much more special

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3. The Gift Barn: For moms who like to pamper themselves

 If you have the type of mom who likes to spend her time at home, maybe reading a book, taking a bath, and just enjoy “me time”, then this is the gift for you to buy. The Gift Barn is a site dedicated to gifting for women and customizing gift basket and gift bags. If you find yourself not wanting to buy their baskets, you can build your on by adding candles, clothing, make up, beauty kits, flowers, and so much more all to be carefully put into a basket or bag and sent straight to you mom.  Right now, they have 4 special baskets, all 4 have a different theme, and offer  a different experience.



Pamper Me in Pearl Basket ($81): Sheet Mask, Velvety White Chocolate Bar, Roen Palisades Candle, Gold Candle Wax, Mini Flowers, Dried Palm Leaf and a Handwritten Note

Best Mom Ever ($112): Face Mask, Velvety White Chocolate, Ginger June Candle, Black & Jane Eucalyptus + White Selentine Bundle, Mini Flowers and a Handwritten Note.

Reflect & Renew ($137): Her Socks, Love + Salt Hair Mist, Rice & Sesame Bar, Lavender SandalWood Candle, Black + Jane Eucalyptus  Selentine w/ Handpicked Straw Flowers, Dried Palm Leaf and Handwritten Note.

Neutral Vibes ($157): Her Socks, Roen Palisades Candle, Gold Candle Wick Trimmer, Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches, Natural Konja Cleansing Sponge, Black + Jane 2 Piece Ecuadorian Palo Santa/White Selenite Crystal Bundle, Dried Palm Leafe, and Handwritten Note.


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It’s good mother gift idea.

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