How To Find Your Style

Your Style is Always Evolving

I know a lot of the time before you can take someone’s advice on “What not to wear” you have to figure out what your style is. This is probably the hardest part because you have to really be open minded to the fashion world. The good thing about your fashion choices is that no matter how bad it once was, it is always changing. You can learn the trends, and become the fashion connoisseur you want to be. Now I am going to be honest with you, no one is born with the perfect style, we all go through trends and choices that we will never be proud of.

Full Outfit: Rue21 Slip-on White Vans: Pacsun Glasses: Ray-Ban

“FASHION says “Me Too”, and STYLE says “Only Me”.” – Geraldine Stutz

If I am being  honest it’s a right of passage. If you can not look back at a photo from 5-10 years ago and give an “ooof” then we have something completely different to talk about.  Our fashion choices are influenced by those around us, unless somehow you are the fashion forward Guru. As much as we would like to believe that could be us, I highly doubt any of us are can say that describes us. I have looked back at some old pictures where my wardrobe was dictated by my parents who had very good fashion sense but our styles were so different. When I look back at our fashion choices I can’t help but laugh. Those were the days of being 6 foot, 130 pound wearing size large shirts, Jordans/Nikes, and loose fit jeans.  However,  this era played a huge  part of my evolution to realizing my style today. The thing I learned is that fashion is the clothes you buy, but style is the way you wear them. I had great style, I knew how to wear the clothes I was bought, but the clothes that I was being bought wasn’t who I was. 

Its okay to draw inspiration from others and from what you see. Doing your research is key. You want to take the time to flip through a couple GQ Magazines, or scan through men’s fashion instagrams to see what you like? That’s actually the smartest thing to do. No one is expecting you to just be able to pull the perfect outfits from nowhere. It’s okay to say you copied something that you saw on someone else and put your twist on it.

With my independence came the realization of what MY style was, and that was the best part! My style was changing like no other. When you find yourself at that point that’s where the fun begins. You start to challenge yourself, you know what you don’t like and what you hope you look good in.

This was when I realized that the baggy clothes had to go. It was time to wear clothes I felt fit my size, and that worked better for me. I figured out my style which surprisingly turned out to be a more preppy look. Now it was time for the fashion portion, that’s when I started looking at brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Aeropostale, Banana Republic, and American Eagle.  I really began to come into myself. I loved the person who was looking back at me in the mirror.

Something that you don’t want to happen is becoming stagnant in your style. Just because you have found something you like it does not mean stay in that spot and don’t try anything else. You have to realize that your style tells a story, and you are more than one narrative. Once I felt as though I perfected my preppy look I realized I loved the the hipster style, so I started wearing the bowties, suspenders, and cuffed pants with boots. Guess what?  I was obsessed with that look! My style isn’t one, and I am able to adapt to any situation. I know my core, and my chosen style for my day to day. However, I know I can throw on some skinny jeans, a flannel, a band-T, converse one day, and a fitted suit with loafers the next. I know that no matter whatever I decide wear that I am confident and I am myself. I know this because the journey I took to get here. There is truly only one way to know if you have figured out your style, and that’s by wearing it and seeing how it makes you feel. No one can make you feel good in clothes, and if you don’t have that confidence, you will not look good no matter what you put on your body. It’s not an easy journey but you can learn how to find you style and watch how it changes you.

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