White Denim Jacket with Hoodie

This will forever be one of my favorite outfits. I am obsessed with the combination of black and white in every piece that I am wearing.  I am not usually a big logo person, but let’s be honest it’s kind of the only way to wear ADIDAS. I knew that when I wore that hoodie I didn’t really want any other brands showing and that I want it to be the focal of my outfit. I am always trying to layer something with a denim jacket but it can be hard to do that with white and not have it overpower your entire outfit. That’s why I decided to pair it with its counterpart.  When wearing a denim outfit it’s almost impossible to make sure your top and bottom are close to the same unless you purchase them together, which is why I didn’t do white jeans. Instead, I went with black jeans with white paint splatter and rips on them. I had also washed them about a dozen times to get them to have that faded vintage look in them to kind of make it look like the paint may or may not have been done by me. One of my favorite finds were the  retro high-top ADIDAS, which worked perfectly with my “vintage” looking jeans.  Branding yourself head to toe without it being a little too much can be almost impossible. However, I know that its easy to do it with brands like ADIDAS. What put it all together was the ADIDAS crossbody pouch. Yes, its see through so maybe not the perfect thing to be carrying your money in, but it definitely brought the whole outfit together.

White Denim Jacket: Rue21

ADIDAS hoodie: Zumiez

Black and White paint splatter ripped jeans: Pacsun

ADIDAS cross bag: FinishLine

High-Top ADIDAS: Zumiez

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