Under Armour Top With Joggers

If I’m going to be truthful then I have to admit I LOVE wearing activewear even when I am not going to the gym. I mean it’s comfortable, and no one blames you because they’re like “wow he went to the gym”. The reason I love activewear is because of how it fits the body so perfectly. So I decided there had to be a way to combine activewear into my daily clothing choices. I realized fitted shirts like this Under Armour top can be for me what yoga pants are for women. If styled right we can now wear an active tight fit shirt without it looking weird or inappropriate when not at the gym. I like outfits like this because they are also very cheap! I am a bargain shopper and I know that my local Plato’s Closet or ROSS definitely has these shirt for about $8/each especially once everyone has given up on their New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym.  With the shirt tucked into my joggers to really outline my body, hair up, and Adidas I have the active/casual look  that I wanted. To add to it, I decided to put a backpack with it as my accessory to also give some more green aside from shirt and the little on my shoes

Under Armour Shirt: Plato’s Closet

Joggers: Pacsun

Herschel & Company Backpack: Zumiez

Stan Smith Retro Green ADIDAS: Zumiez

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