TerraLux Joggert Set & Amazon Trench Coat

TerraLux Jogger Set & Amazon Trench Coat

This type of outfit will be something that I am always willing to wear. This is one of my favorite combinations because it is the easiest to put together. By adding a simple trench coat, I am taking an athleisure fit and turning it into a a more casual look. With this one, I am OBSESSED with the color matching. TerraLux helped  me get out of my comfort zone with this quarter zip. If you ever notice, I’m always a full hoodie person, but I found myself really liking the design of this quarter zip with my outfit. This is an outfit that takes no time, but still an attention grabber. The red being the accent color in the  jogger set, but being the dominant color of the trench coat really helped balance the color scale. The red wasn’t too overpowering, and the black didn’t dull the outfit. Let me know what you all thought!