SHEIN Dress Shirt & Fedora

Let’s change it up a little bit shall we! Now I kept the trench coat look with this one, again the perfect trench coat from Amazon. Guys if you haven’t jumped on the trench coat bandwagon, believe me it helps most outfits.I Saw this white and gold shirt on SHEIN and I wanted to see how I could outfit it. I played around with that gold/brown, and even with the two tone white. I know some may have issues with wearing white on white, but with the accented brown/gold within the shirt, it truly complimented it. What I loved about this look with the fedora was the modern yet rustic look this gave me. I liked showing the different shades of brown, because they all complimented each other. I’ve found myself cuffing my pants a lot more when I wear my boots or hightop shoes. In my head this is my version of giving off that “hipster” style. If you’re looking for  the perfecta date night outfit, this may be the perfect fit for you.  It’s a simple look where I let the colors play around with each other, and complimenting each different clothing item. As always I want to know what you all 

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