SHEIN Comic Book Bomber Jacket

I love when I have a TRUE statement piece such as this bomber jacket from SHEIN! This is one of my favorite jackets for all of the comic books fans, and the “nerds” such as myself who like to let their nerd flag fly. Although it doesn’t have a link to any specific comic book or character for obvious reasons, its definitely have some nods them. When I see the bold action words it reminds me of old school Spiderman, and the OG Detective Comics of Bat Man.The entire jacket is suppose to look like a comic strip with a lot of craziness in each frame. We’re talking about planets, explosions, BOLD ACTION WORDS, and so much more. This is just a fun jacket to have! I knew that I wanted my outfit to compliment the jacket and not take away from it, which why I went with a basic black and white tone. SHEIN had a thin black and white hoodie, and also black dress joggers to give the look a little more dress casual presence with the combat boots. However, if I wanted to give this a more dressier tone I could haver swapped the combat boots for my steal toed Chelsea Boots, but I wanted to go for a more relaxed style. What do you all think?