rue21 Valentines Day Collection (2021)

Love is in the air and it’s one of the most important days to dress your best. Which is why I chose this outfit from rue21’s Valentines collection. Yes i know, I could have gone with pink, roses, love, but what’s the fun in that right?  I wanted to make sure my theme made sense with this one, even though I wasn’t going with the ideal Valentines look, i made a statement with roses and playing with the black and red. The thing is, you can make sense of an outfit if you understand what you’re doing. Making the roses from the denim and the shirt my focal point let me play a little with the bomber jacket giving me that urban/streetwear vibe while still making my outfit appropriate for a date. Playing off the shirt I paired the outfit with my red converse allowing me to lighten up the outfit even more balancing all the darker tones. Happy Valentines Day!