rue21 Summer Collection (2020)

Oh man you all know I look for any reason to wear bright colors, and don’t let me match my entire outfit! This collaboration to me was all about the 90’s: bold colors, music, and expression in fashion. That was really my driving point here. I really wanted to make sure every detail made sense with each outfit, down to the Odd Future Donut Vans with the Homer Simpson Hoodie. Summer is alway about fun, and being free right? There’s no better way to express that than bright colors, and crazy patters. I went out of my way to make sure that I found crazy accessories, or jackets that I wouldn’t wear daily, but when put together makes a statement. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Converse had just dropped their Scooby-Doo collection around the same time rue21 was doing the same, so I was able to match up a pretty dope outfit thanks to that little team work.