rue21 Holiday Collection (2020)

Okay, lets talk about why I loved this collaboration so much. Here, we have three completely different outfits, three different styles, and they all worked! Outfit #1: We have to agree that purple worked better than any of us could have possibly expected. with the purple shirt (I bought when I was 15) that for some reason I have not been able to separate from, and the black jeans with the purple accent colors, it was impossible not to love this outfit.  Outfit #2: This outfit literally is one matching outfit layered with the perfect denim jacket. I think I LOVE how the mask, shirt, and pants were all part of one outfit, and I just happen to have the perfect mono-red Supras that made all the difference.  Outfit #3: What’s Black and White, and Red all over?!? Here we are with that graffiti outfit, and its’ perfectly matched by the red shoes again (which weren’t the original idea of shoes). This streetwear look is not something that everyone can rock, even though it’s really just a simple jogger suit with matching styles

Photographer: Donny Schultz