Jogger 2 Piece With VANS

Not every outfit needs to be an intricate outfit, and this this is a perfect example of just that. I wanted a more calm active look for the day, and believe it or not, none of these items came from the same store. When you are dealing with bold colors like yellow, and having grey be a dominant color you have to be careful how you create the outfit. I knew that yellow needed to be my accent color because the chances of me matching that exact color was almost impossible, and wearing yellow bottoms would really be to much. I didn’t want to do gray bottoms because even in 2020 two-tone groutfits will NEVER be okay!  Which is why I knew that I had to make blue my bottom color. With the blue bottoms almost matching the blue in the hoodie so perfectly I couldn’t have put anything better with it. Since yellow was my accent color, I decided to add more yellow by wearing the high-top VANS. Even though the colors were not exactly on point, they still worked well together because of the location of the yellow (shoes and hoodie). What this did was drive your eyes away form the fact that the yellows aren’t perfect because you can not compare them side-by-side.  This is how to throw together something if you are in a rush but still want look fashionable.

Hoodie: Rue21

Blue joggers: Pacsun

High-Top VANS: Zumiez

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