Halfornia Collab

Halifornia was definitely a brand I wanted to make sure I knew a lot about, and man did I learn a lot about this Canada based brand. Halifornia was a small brand by the people for the people. They really do everything based mainly on social media and its all about giving their fans an advocates a chance to to have their 15 minutes of fame. Their clothing is unique and honestly they’re a one stop shop for reasonably price gifts of all kinds for age ranging 13-30. It was easy to see how much they valued their customer base and their influencers, which made me want to accept the opportunity to work with them. Yes, they may have over 400K Followers, but they felt like the mom and pop shop up the street. I decided to go with the basic black and white theme with this collab because even though they have a lot to offer, their crewnecks are the BEST. If I’m being honest, far before the collab I was eyeballing and knew that I wanted it and the amazing watch I was able to get with it.  When you’re testing out a new brand/style it’s always good to go with what you know!

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