Fashion Nova Mens & COACH

Another trench coat, another style. Fashion Nova has some of the BEST trench coats in fast fashion. I’m usually not a quarter length coat wearer, but when I saw this blue I knew I could put together a great outfit! Okay, let’s talk about the fedora PLEASE. I found the fedora look while rocking the curly hair, I was worried that it wouldn’t give me that same look now that my hair style has changed, but I was obviously completely wrong! I’m starting to believe that the fedora can work on just about ANYONE. I decided to go with blue and grey dress shirt also from Fashion Nova, making grey my accent color to compliment the blue in the shirt and jacket. This was also when I decided to highlight my COACH shoes that just so happen to be blue and grey, and accessorizing with a men’s COACH Tote bag.  Some of you all know it took me a while to feel comfortable carrying a Tote bag, but COACH changed my mind, and since then I have been rocking this look nonstop. This is definitely one of those “have to feel comfortable in your own skin” outfits, and though I didn’t originally, I can say that I’ve come a long way to become this comfortable in men’s fashion. So tell me what you all think!