I actually get this question a lot, especially for people looking for a direct guide, but the truth is there really isn't a guide. 3 years ago, I made the decision that I wanted to be an influencer because I loved fashion, and I started having friends take pictures of me, over the years I wanted to go to the next step which become brand collaborations, then started a blog, which turned to a YouTube channel, and when I saw I was comfortable in front of the camera I decided to try streaming. The most important thing is to just start! Everyone thinks that the stars must align to get started and you don't. Just be consistent and remember quality of quantity, and be your authentic self.
I have a shop page for everything that I am able to link that I wear. If an item is no longer for sale from the brands, there's a chance I may be selling it on my DEPOP
If I'm being honest, it depends on the day. In the perfect world, I am up and working on each of my platforms and making new brand deals as well. A lot of my day is pretty much update, creating content, and planning for the next content for me to make. There are days that I focus on making videos like TikTok and YouTube, or doing a photoshoot which are heavy content creation days so I tend to only do those things that day so I don't overdo it (Always put your mental health first)
This is the hard part and it takes a lot of work. YOU have to be willing to contact those brands and show them you're interested, but not until you've started posting and getting a small profile to show what you bring to the table. Also, it is a myth that you need to have thousands of followers to obtain big brand collaborations. My first brand collaboration was with a big brand and I still had under 1k followers. However, I was posting everyday with the brand's outfits, and making myself known. Once your social media becomes your true voice and you shine through it, it will sale itself. Now, I still reach out to brands, but I find more brands reaching out to me.