COACH Fall Collection (2020)

 FallWhat I love about this look is the natural hair! The untamed curly main with a very high end brand. If “GOALS” could be represented in a photo these would be it. This is the definition of representation in high end fashion. It’s easy to see that I completely went down the rabbit hole when it came to the COACH apparel and all of the accessories. This is he outfit you have to pay attention to. Almost everything I am wearing is actually COACH besides the tan joggers (They’re from Pacsun). This is when changing the expectation comes into play. The blue shirt was actually made to go with he blue joggers, but for me that was al little too much blue especially with the blue COACH shoes as well. That’s why I decided to split it up and get two completely different color patters with a little familiarity in both with the blue. 

What really knocked these outfits out of the park were the accessories: Last season’s leather black backpack, Monogram brown leather with a blue swede bottom and leather orange pockets, and of course the COACH blue camo hightops. It was really important that I didn’t overplay the fact that 90% of my outfit was one brand, but playing with the different symbols, it looks more like I just somehow got so lucky to be able to match my blessings and browns so well. That’s the trick!

Photographers: Donald Shultz & Andrew Michaels