ASOS Winter Collection (2020)

Will Classy Charming Please Stand UP! This a whole mood. I decided I wanted to be a little more GQ with my style without breaking the bank which is why I went  with ASOS to give me a little wardrobe change up. I have been dying for a good trench coat for the longest, I think any guy over 6 ft has to at least have one. The way trench coats fall on slender/ tall men is seriously amazing. I decided that it was time to unretire the turtlenecks from my wardrobe and create a whole new look for me. Let’s also take a minute to appreciate the matching Chelsea Boots for both brown and black trench coat outfits, and paired with the Liingo sunglasses and ASOS duffel bag I couldn’t have gone wrong. This is the “model” look that I am always chasing. This is for the men who want to look fashionable and mature, and honestly both outfits were both under $150!